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Prevent @GHC

The College is fully versed on its responsibilities to prevent pupils from being engaged in extremist or harmful ideology. We have taken steps to ensure that all staff are aware of what to look for in the case of a child who may be being radicalised or exploited and work proactively with outside agencies to address any concerns.

In addition to this our assemblies, tutor time and wider curriculum seek to support the promotion of ‘British Values’ and tackle any unhealthy or potential harmful attitudes at the earliest stages.

Our Values 

At Garth Hill, we are passionate about learning. We believe that a genuine learning community should be one where everyone is open to learning from each other and from all experiences. 

We believe that British values and those of Garth Hill College are one and the same. We are an inclusive community. We expect our pupils to treat everyone with dignity and respect and value others regardless of their background or faith. 

What are we doing? 

P - PROMOTING positive relationships between all pupils 

R - REFERRING concerns about vulnerable pupils to the relevant authorities 

E - EDUCATING pupils about the importance of British values 

V - VETTING and filtering internet access to ensure no harmful material can be seen 

E - ENVIRONMENT – creating a safe and secure site for all 

N - NEWS MONITORING for any concerns nationally and locally 

T - TRAINING of staff to raise awareness of the signs and risks. 

What does this mean for GHC? 

The College is a critical partner in Prevent. 

The Prevent strategy focuses on identifying and working with vulnerable individuals who may be at risk of being exploited by radicalisers and subsequently drawn into terrorist related activity. 

What does this mean for me? 

What is important is that if you are concerned that someone is being exploited, you can raise the concern with a member of staff. 

It is the same if you are concerned about anything, find someone to speak to. This could be your tutor, head of house or any member of staff you feel comfortable with. 

You may hear inappropriate language or views. It is important to share this if you are concerned.

Possible indicators that an individual is involved with an extremist group or cause: 

  • changes in style of dress 
  • changes in appearance 
  • losing interest in friends 
  • losing interest in activities not associated with a particular ideology 
  • behaviour becoming focused on an extreme idea or cause 
  • possession of material or symbols associated with an extremist cause 
  • spending increasing time in the company of other suspected extremists 
  • attempting to disseminate radicalising materials or images. 

Important Information 

If you need help or advice about any issue please contact: 

  • Your tutor, Assistant Head of House, Head of House or Assistant Principal 
  • You could also speak to one of your subject teachers, or any member of staff you feel comfortable with.