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Garth Hill College

International Culture Week

The Antibullying Council have been collecting pupil voice regarding bullying and discrimination. They have trained the teachers on what pupils would like them to do in the classroom but also what they would like to see more of within the school curriculum. One of the things mentioned by several pupils was to have opportunities to celebrate our different cultures and heritage.

Next week we will therefore be having an International Culture Week (Monday 29 April - Friday 3 May). Mrs Brown-Fyffe, Ms Louis and Mrs Moroka have organised a range of events detailed below and are advertising them to the pupils this week in assemblies. Please encourage your children to get involved and enjoy the week!

International Culture Week:

  • Monday - Drop Everything and Learn a Language! – Language Leaders will be teaching Year 7 and 8 a mini language lesson related to their own language during period 3.
  • Tuesday - Lunch time auditions for International Cultural Talent Show where pupils can perform poems, songs, dance etc to prepare for Friday’s performance.
  • Wednesday - Lunch time Cultural food tasting – donations welcome. Pupils are welcome to cook traditional foods and bring them in for the food market at KS3 and KS4 lunchtimes. You must detail all ingredients to be displayed and there must be NO NUTS. Pupils can taste the different dishes for a small donation of their choosing.
  • Thursday - Steel Pan Band workshops and performances will be going on throughout the day. There will be performances at break and lunch times.
  • Friday - International Culture Mufti Day all pupils can wear traditional clothing from their heritage or choose clothing that represents their interests. This could be t shirts with their favourite bands, cadet uniform, sports teams they are part of outside of school, films or comics they enjoy etc. There are to be no national flags brought into college just clothing and clothes must not be inappropriate in length or low cut. There should be no inappropriate language or slogans on t shirts. All pupils will be asked to donate £1 to pay for the events put on for International Culture week.  Period 4 the International Culture Talent Show will be performed and recorded in the auditorium in front of a Year 7 audience.