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Garth Hill College

  • Student Absence reporting

    Absence contact details

    Parents/carers are expected to contact the college by 9.30 am on each day that the child is absent or late with the reason for the absence or lateness, child's name and tutor group by either:


    Attendance Reminders

    • Pupils should be here each and every day. A pupil should only be absent if they are too unwell to attend College Pupils with minor ailments such as headaches, aches and pains or colds should attend College.
    • Pupils are allowed to return to college after an episode of vomiting or diarrhoea as long as their symptoms have stopped and they feel well enough to attend.
    • We do not authorise term-time holidays. Please book holidays outside of term time. If a pupil is absent due to a term-time holiday we may issue you with a Fixed Penalty Notice.
    • Wherever possible please book medical appointments outside of College hours. Where it’s unavoidable, come in to College before and after appointments to minimise the negative effect on their education.
    • Pupils who are late to College receive a lunchtime detention. Pupils who arrive after 9:00 after the registers closed will be marked with an unauthorised absence.
    • Please keep the College up to date with any medical issues or diagnoses that may affect your child’s education.


    Authorised Leave of Absence Request

    There is not a legal entitlement to time off for a holiday during term time for any length of time. Government guidelines say that a leave of absence may only be granted in exceptional circumstances.

    Absence from college can impact negatively on your son’s/daughter’s learning and progress. It is often difficult to make up the class work missed due to absence and pupils have to work hard when they return to get back on track. Absence can result in pupils falling behind in their studies and, ultimately, this can significantly impair progress and result in lower levels of educational attainment.

    We do understand that, very occasionally, there may be problems in arranging holidays to coincide with college holiday. However, in view of the negative impact on pupils’ academic performance and the Government’s view that holidays should be taken when a school is closed to pupils, Garth Hill College WILL NOT authorise absence for this purpose.

    Bracknell Forest Council, through the Education Welfare Service, will consider the issue of a Fixed Penalty Notice where a pupil has at least 10 sessions of unauthorised absence during a term.

    As of 01 September 2013, the rate per parent per child will be £60 if paid within 21 days and rising to £120 if paid between 22 and 28 days. If the penalty notice is not paid each parent/carer may be liable to prosecution at the Magistrates Court, and if proved, each notice may receive a criminal conviction and/or fine to the maximum of £1,000 plus costs.

    Requests for leave for other reasons should be made on the 'Absence Authorisation Request Letter' and returned to your son’s/daughter’s form tutor or Head of House at least SEVEN DAYS before the leave is required.  You can download the letter from the featured content section of this page.

    Mr K Grainger