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Garth Hill College

Study Programme

The purpose of a Study Programme is to provide a personalised curriculum that meets the needs of the individual.

A Study Programme has several elements that are provided at Garth Hill College Sixth Form.

  • Level 3 Qualifications – a balanced programme of qualifications that support students to reach the next stage of their education or allow them to begin a career. At Garth Hill College we offer a range of academic and vocational qualifications. Generally students are expected to study for the equivalent of 3 A-Levels. We also offer a Level 2 qualification in Business.
  • Work Experience – purposeful, substantive and supervised placements will be undertaken by all. Students are supported to secure a relevant five-day placement in Year 12. Should other specific placement opportunities occur at different times then the school may offer flexibility on this front. Other shorter/remote work experience opportunities are offered to students on a weekly basis through the Careers Focus.
  • Maths and English – Students are required to continue to study Maths and English until they have achieved at least a grade 4 at GCSE level.


We aim to give our students a wider knowledge of the world and to prepare for life outside Garth Hill College. Our programme is delivered through weekly timetabled lessons which cover the three main topic areas of:

  • Health and Wellbeing
  • Relationships
  • Living in the Wider World


Through enrichment (timetabled weekly session) we aim to use guest speakers and bespoke sessions to inform students about a wide variety of topics. This includes:


  • Post-Sixth Form Destinations advice
  • University loans / financial advice
  • Strategies to reduce stress and anxiety
  • Road safety
  • Time management
  • Drugs and Alcohol awareness
  • Visits from business; charities; volunteer groups
  • Anything else that students request that we can deliver!