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Garth Hill College

Aims and Vision

"A modern, successful secondary school providing

a first-class education in the heart of Bracknell"

The pursuit of excellence is our purpose.  As an ambitious and aspirational comprehensive school, we support every child, irrespective of background or circumstance, to achieve their very best.  A wide and diverse range of rich opportunities inspire and promote the development of the whole person.  Our aim is to grow well-rounded, confident and ambitious young people, with great aspirations for the future; and the aptitude, determination and commitment to go on and achieve well in life as active and responsible global citizens.

  • Ambition with excellence as standard
  • Developing the whole child
  • Inclusive and inspirational



  1. First class learning – a rich education with excellent opportunities for personal growth and development.
  2. A learning community – always learning - everyone committed and open to learn from each other and all experiences.
  3. To be the best that we can be – striving to improve, doing our best for ourselves and others, making the most of school life.
  4. Everyone a leader – accepting full responsibility for our role in our own, others’ and the College’s journey to excellence.
  5. Working together – One Garth Hill working together and in partnership with others to achieve success.

We are passionate about our young people and the community that we serve.  As a comprehensive school, we aim to meet the needs and aspirations of all children irrespective of background or circumstance.  Our school is a safe, caring, inclusive and nurturing learning environment, with excellent care and support.

Students and staff are challenged and inspired by a strong developmental culture of learning and improvement, and excellent opportunities to gain experience and grow.  We believe that as a genuine learning community, one where adults as well as young people fully engage in the learning process, we should all be open to learn from each other and from all experiences. Pupils first, always learning.

Investing in our workforce - promoting staff well-being and a manageable work-life balance - supports staff in progressing in their careers.  Outstanding professional development ensures a well-qualified and dedicated team deliver the best possible all-round educational experience to our young people and the families we serve.  

One Garth Hill working together and in partnership with parents, schools, businesses and other organisations to provide the best opportunities for everyone to achieve and succeed.