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University Applications

Please ensure that you have checked your UCAS account for your most up-to-date status on your application. UCAS has released some helpful guidance on the Clearing and Adjustment processes.

“Clearing” is the process used by students who currently do not hold an offer from any university. This could be due to a variety of reasons such as: applying after the January 2022 deadline, declining or withdrawing from any offers made, or if you did not meet the requirements of any offers made. Following the release of A-Level results, you can begin using the clearing tool to contact universities and apply for any spaces left on a program of interest. Please note that not every program or university will have spaces available for clearing—it depends on how many applicants accepted their offer and how many spaces are left. Please check out the UCAS website for more information on clearing:


There you will find some additional information on clearing, an FAQ section, a list of programs/universities with places, and a link to log onto UCAS Track to check the status of any clearing application and/or offer.

“Adjustment” is a process used by students who received higher grades than they expected and wish to find an alternative course. Please check out the UCAS website for more information and to determine if you are eligible: www.ucas.com/ucas/undergraduate/apply-and-track/results/ucas-adjustment-if-youve-done-better-expected

Unifrog has also developed a clearing tool where you can search all programs that are available through clearing. It includes the name of the program, entry requirements, and contact details for the university that is offering the program. Please check out the Unifrog clearing tool here:


There is also some additional information in the “Know How Library” on clearing, adjustment and results day:



If you currently hold an offer for an apprenticeship, please ensure that your employer/training provider have a copy of your results (if they have requested them). It is your responsibility to contact them in due course with your results to ensure that your start date is not disrupted.

If you currently do not hold an offer for an apprenticeship and are interested in one, please do have a look on Unifrog at the Apprenticeship Shortlist tool. It is updated every 24 hours to show apprenticeships that are currently available: www.unifrog.org/student/apprenticeships/start

There is also additional information in the “Know-How” library on apprenticeships if you are looking for more information before your start your search: www.unifrog.org/student/know-how/uk-apprenticeships

In addition to Unifrog, there are some other great apprenticeship resources out there. These include:

  • Amazing Apprenticeships: amazingapprenticeships.com/resources/This website contains a wealth of resources both for students and their parents/carers to gain a better understanding of what apprenticeships are like and how to obtain one.
  • National Careers Service: www.gov.uk/apply-apprenticeshipThis website allows you to search current apprenticeship opportunities, manage your applications, and set up an alert to notify you of any new opportunities that may be of interest to you.


Not sure what to do in September?

If you are still considering options for September, why not consider a gap year program? There is a great website to look at some gap year programs that are still available for you through the “Independent Gap Advice” group: www.independentgapadvice.orgYou can find information on choosing the right pathway and find details for gap year programs.

It is never a bad idea to have your CV updated and ready to apply for potential employment or apprenticeship opportunities. Have a look at the CV builder tool on Unifrog to give you an idea of what to include and how to structure your CV: www.unifrog.org/student/cvYou can also create multiple versions of your CV that are tailored to specific roles, and save them via Unifrog.

Unifrog has some other great tools to give you some ideas of future directions if you are still finding yourself a bit stuck:

  • Personality Profile: what is your personality type, and what types of careers or subjects might you be suited for? www.unifrog.org/student/personality-profile
  • Interests Profile: what do you enjoy doing, and what types of careers or subjects might you be suited for? www.unifrog.org/student/interests-profile
  • Subjects Library: considering university, but want to know more about the program? Have a look at the subjects library to learn more about the program, possible pathways, and how to get yourself there. www.unifrog.org/student/subjects
  • Careers Library: considering a certain career, but want to learn more about it? The careers library can give you insight into a wealth of careers including their daily tasks, entry requirements, pathways into the career, and average salary. www.unifrog.org/student/careers